It is almost the end of the school year,

Graduation time is here.
You can hear all the kids cheer,
but they are also gripped with fear.
There is no money for them to go to college,
so they can gain extra knowledge.
This makes them sad,
For the economy has been bad,
And their parents are mad.
Government waste,
Gives us all a bitter taste.
Congress hurries in a hurry,
To fight over what they feel is right,
The people protest with all of their might,
Many a parent does not sleep through the night.
So, what are we doing,
Go out and Sue,
sit around and be blue.
The kids just want to go to school,
Is not that cool.
We feel that Congress is fighting alone,
Which at times makes us think that they are all insane.
We need to stand up and be heard.
We need to have the last word.
Education is important to
everyone , So everyone can stand up and be tall.
We need to find a way,
So the parents can pay.
So the kids can have their special day.
For them to continue on in school,
So others will not think that they are a fool,
for it is not the "Golden Rule".

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